Eric Avery (Marrawuy Kabi) 2018

Eric Avery, Ngiyampaa, Yuin, Bandjalang and Gumbangirri is a multi disciplinary artist whose focus is dance and music and the interplay between as composer/choreographer and performer. Eric plays the violin and introduces this into his Aboriginal language work composing work for voice and violin. Eric musical and dance style is a fusion of Aboriginal, Contemporary and Classical styles.

Eric has danced for a number of companies as an independent dancer in Australia and overseas. Eric has studied at NAISDSA, Australian Institute of Music, completed a mentorship at the Australian Ballet and has engaged with Marrugeku Dance Theatre for a number of years. Eric has also attended various residencies to continue his practice and interrogate creative pursuits from various intercultural lenses at Critical Path and the Bundanon Trust.

2018 sees Eric performing in Marrugeku’s Burrbgaja Yallirra premiering a short solo work Dancing With Strangers at PICA for the annual Perth Festival, composing/performing for Night of the Tarantula in Amsterdam, further collaborating with Cathy Livermoore – Moari dancer and choreographer and attending various residencies. Highlights for Eric have been workshopping dance and music with Marrugeku, performing at the Boomerang~Bluesfest Festival 2018 and completing a residency at Critical Path in Jan.

Eric looks forward to sharing his work and developing further repertoire.


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