Night of the Tarantella 20-09-2018



Enclosed the last version of the rehearsal scedule Night of the Tarentula. For those who received the scedule on the party of Kate, there are some changes!!!

Enclosed also the latest version of who is playing what. Some recent changes in the piece of Eric, not only for string quartet, but alsof or e. guitar & piano.

Please let me know if something is not clear or about agenda clashes.



You can find the scores via this link:

About the ipads for the piece of Cat Hope: Kate and I are looking for ipads, let me know if you have one, thanks.


We are waiting for the scores of Eric Avery, it is for string quartet and piano & e. guitar. He is about finishing the score.

Kate is working on the last two tarantula’s, the wil be soon in the dropbox.

Connected little concerts
Concert in De Pont on September 23 is with Eric & Lidy, so others can cancel this.

Vrije Geluiden on September 26 is with Eric, Lidy & Jellantsje, so others can cancel this.


New player e. guitars
Because of changes in the scedule of his Masterprogram in Ghent, unfortunately Aart is not able to make this project.
We are happy that Sjors van de Mark can replace him, welcome!

Just to fill everyone in on the situation with the costume, it would be great to create this atmosphere of a trance ritual – something that’s timeless – mythic and hypnotic.
Timur will wear a simple very dark navy robe and he has a tall hat to go with it. It would be great if everyone could wear something in accordance with this imagery. I think we could choose from three colours – black/ very dark blue, white and terracotta/ earth red with clothes that are smart, formal but minimalist and simple – each person chooses one colour (no mixing colours) xx=


Free ticket Muziekgebouw
For each member of the ensemble we have 1 free ticket in Amsterdam. Please let me know before september 17 if you have a guest.


Parking in Den Haag

For the Korzo concert, they want to know how many musicians come by car, because of limited parking space, so please let me know, thanks!


If you have any questions, please let me know!


Anoniem (arr. Kate Moore) – Pizzica de Focu 4’
2 Violin, viola, cello, cor anglais, piani, organ, percussion, electric guitar, voice.

Kate Moore – Tarantella 4’
solo viola

Amba Klapwijk‘the very lightweight thread floats in the moving air’ 8′
Instrumentation: violin, viola, cello, hammond organ , el guitar, percussion, (piano) percussion instruments: – 5/6 wood blocks (in different sizes, is it possible to choose/see them beforehand?)- 3/4 crotales or other high pitched instrument (pitch to be determined) – only if used in another piece: either bass drum or marimba / vibraphone

A thread; sometimes 

audible, sometimes hidden

completely disappeared


little drops are shaking

a house is built and

broken down


until again.. that first thread

floating in the air

Celia Swart – In my web – dur: 6.5′
violin, viola, cello, piano, vibraphone, gran cassa, e. Guitar
About amplification:
“All the strings, piano and Vibes have to be amplified.
The guitar has amplification of his own right? Will this soundsignal also go through the main speakers with the others?
I will Also Use Gran Cassa. I am guessing this instrument is loud enough from its own, so it doesn’t need any amplification right? I will have soundeffect notes for the soundengineer voor the strings during the performamce.
I know it’s possible to give them extra reverb, but what about distortion?”

Portraying the haunting and icy moment right before a predator will eat its prey.

The tarantula spider is standing on the edge, talking to its victim in the middle of the web. It’s all about showing power: ”I am your spider. […] There is no way out. […] You’re mine now.” When the tarantula spider leaves for a moment, the prey sees its chance to seek for help. But the cries are in vain and the tarantula spider comes back with only one goal.

Brisa GonzalesOrthognatha’s jaunt dur: 7′
Violin, Viola, Cello, Cor Anglais, Piano, Organ (Hammond), Percussion: Vibraphone and Bass Drum (please let me know if any of the instruments are not possible).*
*For the percussion set I would like to use also two tiny and simple “instruments” that I made by myself. They are two “brooms” (that’s how I call them), one of porcelain and the other made of steel. They don’t need technique skills at all. The problem is that I have them at my place in The Hague so I could only get them once I arrive there (1st of September) and that might be too late to incorporate them to the rehearsals. Since they don’t need any kind of technique and I’m going to use them as a background effect, maybe it would be possible to give them to the percussionist the first days of September. Please let me know your opinion about it.

Cat HopeU Mungibeddu Nostru – 10′
For Orazio Arena
Cello, viola, violin, electric guitar, organ, cor anglais, percussion, turntablist. String and wind instruments double on harmonicas.

Attached is a PDF of the score, and the score file to put in the ipads (the one that ends with .dsz). Happy to talk you through putting them on the ipads if you need some help.  I have also attached the instructions as a seperate file, but they are also in the score file.
below is some instructions on how to put the score file onto the ipads.
I need to send you the 45 record asap. it has been ‘prepared’. Or i can bring with me. Can you give me a best address to express it to just incase?

program note


Anoniem (arr. Kate Moore) – Tarantella del Gargano 4’
2 Violin, viola, cello, cor anglais, piani, organ, percussion, electric guitar, voice.

Eric Avery – string quartet with dancer (Eric), piano, e. Guitar
1. Wirrangintungiyil – 1.30
2. Galinga (water song) – 3.00
3. Dance in Speckled Sun – 4.00
TECH: (lapel microphone to sing with when playing violin – one similar to John Luc Ponty)

Linda Buckley – Drink all your passion – 5’50
violin, cello, cor anglais, piano, voice

Drink All Your Passion is one of five songs that make up the song cycle I Have Five Things to Say based on the poetry of thirteenth century Sufi mystic Rumi, in a recent translation by Coleman Barks, which brings these text to life in a way that is universal and has deep resonance for our modern age. For me this poem is all about embracing the randomness of life, a sense of community, being part of the ‘noise’.

Kate Moore – The Dam 15’
2xviolin, viola, cello, cor anglais, cello, piano, organ, percussion, e. guit, voice, didgeridoo,

Anoniem (arr. Kate Moore) – Rosa das Rosas 4’
2 Violin, viola, cello, cor anglais, piani, organ, percussion, electric guitar, voice.

Rehearsal dates

14 September – Matthijs Koene Studio | Cruquiusweg 96R | 1019 AJ AMSTERDAM
10.00-13.00 hrs Tarantellas (Gargano and Focu) and Cantiga (Rosa das Rosas)
14.00-17.00 Brisa, Amba, Celia

17 September – Matthijs Koene Studio | Cruquiusweg 96R | 1019 AJ AMSTERDAM
10.00-13.00 hrs Brisa, Amba, Celia
14.00-17.00 hrs Tarantellas (Gargano, Focu), The Dam, Rosa das rosas

18 September – Muziekgebouw | Piet Heinkade 1 | 1019 BR Amsterdam | > routebeschrijving
10.00-13.00 hrs Eric Avery, Cat Hope
14.00-17.00 hrs The Dam, Rosa Das Rosas, Linda Buckley

19 September – Muziekgebouw | Piet Heinkade 1 | 1019 BR Amsterdam
10.00-13.00 hrs Linda Buckley, The Dam, Rosa das Rosas
14.00-17.00 hrs Cat Hope, Eric Avery + runthrough

20 September – Muziekgebouw | Piet Heinkade 1 | 1019 BR Amsterdam
11.00 Tech setup
14.00 Musicians setup
15.00 Soundcheck (in reverse order: Rosa, The Dam, Buckley, Avery, Gargano, Hope, Gonzales, Klapwijk, Swart, Focu, De Vries Tarantella)
18.00 dinner
20.15 Concert

22 September – Korzo Theater | Prinsestraat 42 | 2513 CE Den Haag
11.00 Tech setup
14.00 Musicians setup
15.00 Soundcheck
18.00 Dinner
20.30 Concert

23 September – De Pont – confirmed!!! 2 sets of 30 min. 13.30 & 14.30 hrs
Eric Avery – Songs, performed bij Eric & Lidy
Lidy Blijdorp – Lidy’s Piece, Kate Moore, 5’
Lidy Blijdorp – prelude of C Minor Cello Suite, J.S Bach, 7’

De Pont | Wilhelminapark 1 | 5041 EA Tilburg

Rehearsal for Bosch Requiem (only Vivian of Herz Ensemble)

23 September – Muzerije, Den Bosch
18.00 -21.00 hrs
Bosch Requiem Short Score – Capella Pratensis, Wishful Singing and Vivian Choi + Kate Moore

24 September – Muzerije, Den Bosch
10.00 – 13.00 hrs
Bosch Requiem Short Score – Capella Pratensis, Wishful Singing, Kate Moore

Muzerije, Pleitzaal |Hinthamerstraat 74 | 5211 MR ‘s-Hertogenbosch

26 September – Vrije Geluiden Tivoli Vredenburg 10-13hrs (confirmed)
Eric Avery – Songs
Lidy Blijdorp – Lidy’s Piece 5’
Jellantsje de Vries – Tarantella 4’


Timur Bekbosunov – voice
Joe Puglia – violin
Eric Avery – violin/ dance
Jellantsje de Vries – violin/ viola
Lidy Blijdorp – cello
Marieke Schut – Oboe/ alt. oboe
Geerten van de Wetering – Hammond organ
Vivian Choi – piano
Sjors van der  – guitars
Meiyi Lee – Percussion
Lies Beijerinck – Didgeridoo
Miri Lee – dance

Rick Hendricks – sound engeneer
Geeske Coebergh – production
Kate Moore – composer


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